Career Projects

These are some of the projects Raffaele has completed during the duration of his career.



Duracell, Inc., World Headquarters

Herbert S. Newman and Partners, Architects

308,000 square foot office and research building with 800 car parking structure on 43.8 acre site.

Completion: 1995

Construction Cost: $45,000,000

Raffaele Aschettino, Project Engineer, Spiegel, Zamecnik & Shah, Inc.



Miss Porters

Student Recreational Center

Farmington, Connecticut

Tai Soo Kim Partners,

One-story gymnasium, 25,000
square foot, playing courts, and
two-story unit housing locker
rooms and miscellaneous
support spaces.

Completion: 1991

Construction Cost: $3,000,000

[Raffaele Aschettino, Project Engineer, Spiegel &
Zamecnik, Inc.]



new haven hospital

Yale University, New Haven, CT

School – Phase III


Kallmann, McKinnell & Wood, Architects

Joint Venture John C. Martin Consulting Engineers

Major structural alterations and renovations to a five-story historic stone and steel structure. Extensive use of underpinning required for the addition of a sub-basement. Infill floor framing added to create additional floor level in existing stack area. Attic expanded to create larger mechanical room.

Anticipated Completion: 1998

Estimated Construction Cost: $40,000,000

(Principal in charge, while with DiBlasi Aschettino P.C.)



Yale University

Yale Arthur K Watson Hall

New Haven, Connecticut

Roth and Moore, Architects

Reconstruction of a 19th century laboratory building to house a new computer center. Replaced original 4-story wood framing with a new 6-story cast-in-place concrete floor and roof framing system within the original building envelope. Completed in 1996   Building received the following awards:

  • New England Chapter of the American Concrete Institute: Special Recognition Award for Adaptive Re-Use
  • AIA Honor Award – Connecticut Society of Architects;
  • Masonry Institute of Connecticut – Excellence in Masonry Award

[Raffaele Aschettino, Project Engineer, Spiegel & Zamecnik, Inc.]  



Monroe Middle School

Monroe, Connecticut

Antinozzi Associates, Architects

New 106,000 s.f., three-story middle school. Main building constructed of
structural steel frame with composite floor framing system. Lateral wind and
seismic loads resisted by steel braced frames and moment-resisting frames.
Long-span framing systems utilized over gymnasium and auditorium; girder
system over auditorium designed to support heavy loads imposed by
mechanical room above.

Completion Date: 1997

Construction Cost: $14,000,000

(Principal in charge, while with DiBlasi Aschettino P.C.)


Homer Babbidge Library

University of Connecticut

uconn library

Storrs, Connecticut

Allan Dehar Associates, Architects

Structural investigation of existing cantilevers cast-in-place concrete waffle slab floors and facade deficiencies and design of new independently supported facade addition.  Completed construction documents.

[Raffaele Aschettino, Chief Project Engineer, Spiegel, Zamecnik & Shah, Inc.]