Aschettino Associates LLC  is recognized for its ability to assess, determine and meet their client’s needs. Our company provides a commitment to produce analysis, design and preparation of drawings to meet required schedules and deadlines. We continuously exhibit strength in expediting the generation of accurate, creative, innovative, and economical structural solutions.

Our firm has employed structural systems using a wide range of materials including structural steel, reinforced concrete, precast/prestressed concrete, sawn lumber, glued laminated timber, concrete masonry, cold-formed steel, and aluminum.  It has participated in the evaluation and rehabilitation of existing structures, as well as the design of special structures.  In addition, on many occasions the firm has acted as an Independent Structural Engineering Consultant in order to review proposed structures that exceed the “threshold limit” as defined by the Connecticut State Building Code.  Our staff’s extensive knowledge of the latest Computer-Aided Engineering analysis and design techniques complements our vast experience.

The staff experience is further enhanced by the firm’s computer system.  An extensive engineering software library enables the staff to analyze and design virtually any size and type of structure.  Included in this library are such powerful programs as STAAD III-ISDS (analysis and design), RAM STEEL (composite and non-composite steel floor and roof system design), RAM FRAME (lateral force-resisting system analysis and design) and PCA ADOSS (design of concrete slab systems).  The firm also writes many of its own custom spreadsheet-based engineering programs using Microsoft Excel.  100% of the drafting is performed using AutoCAD.